How to use this blog

We've noticed a lot of people arriving at the blog from Google queries about building techniques, old cottages, drainage and stone.

Blogs aren't the easiest thing to navigate, so we've tagged each post with the relevant topics.

You can see a list of the topics over on the Right, under the floorplan.

Some of the more popular topics are:

Chimneys - rebuilding, lining, waterproofing, stripping and reinstating

Concrete - why it's a really bad thing in old buildings, removing, replacing

Damp - management, signs, symptoms, living with it

Drainage - rainwater and foulwater, septic tank, french drains

Electrics - ripping out, rewiring

Floors - trapping moisture, removing, breathable floors

Lime - using lime in old buildings, NHL, mixing, working with it

Limecrete Floors - laying a breathable floor

Plaster - removing gypsum, lime plastering, breathable plaster, moisture management

Render - trapping damp, removing, breathable walls