Saturday, 7 May 2016

Tearing down the extension

The time came to say goodbye to the shoddy, damp, rotten extension last month, which comprised of the Sun Room and downstairs WC. We had long ago ripped out all the internals, but left the structure up to provide some storage space and weather-proofing for the doorway under the stairs.

We've scheduled a builder to join us in mid-June to rebuild almost exactly the same floorplan (properly), so we're doing the prep work in clearing the area in time for that.

You can see below the state of most of the timbers. They had obviously been repurposed when the extension was built in the late 1970s, and in places were nothing more than dust.

The roof had long ago rotted through, and instead of properly re-roofing and repairing the joists, the previous owner had put 18mm ply boards directly on top of the damp, failed old roof - bitumen and all!

The hardest part was removing the incredibly heavy plate glass window and crittal double-doors without leaving smashed glass all over the garden. Having a dog on-site tends to focus one's mind to minimising sharps on the ground, and that's a good thing.

The 18mm, soaking wet ply boards were too heavy for me to lift down from the flat roof, so I set about dismantling the structure from underneath and then sawing through the uprights one by one. When all had been cut, it took a sledgehammer to the corner post to bring the roof down to ground level where I could cut it up.

It took 2 more days to chop up and clear all the old materials from site, and a further day to smash the 15cm thick concrete floor up and remove that. We're keeping that aside as hardcore for the rebuild.

Since the majority of the extension was wood, and skips are expensive, we set about for a 2-day long bonfire on the driveway.

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